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Just a feeeew things to know:

☆→ Updates are usually whining about my job/lack of same, random gibberish, commentary on various subjects and memes. Mostly memes.
☆→ I fancy myself a writer... who thinks about writing, but never actually does any.
☆→ Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics: no one needs your approval to find it enjoyable and satisfying.
☆→ I love books, music of all kinds, my XBox, fandom, curry rice, anything involving the Japanese language, pretty things, having guilty pleasures without actually being guilty about it, L'Arc~en~Ciel and British panel quizzes. If you love any of these things, I will love you also.
☆→ I'm not a big commenter, but I am reading my friends' journals.
☆→ Don't take me seriously for one second. It only leads to drama.

Credit to end_titles for the banner and cheesydorito for the text. :D

倖田來未 -- 今すぐ欲しい

More translation, just for funsies. This one's nsfw because there's not so much subtext as supertext. I've never actually heard a Japanese song this explicit.
I was dying laughing during most of this as well because while I understood most of it just listening to it, looking up and translating the lyrics added extra hilarity, especially when what it actually was was even more sexual than what I THOUGHT it was.

Koda Kumi -- I Want You Right NowCollapse )


So Jackie is doing an anthropology independent project on cosplay, and one of the things she's doing is a questionnaire for cosplayers. I know a couple of you do it on my FList, so if you guys could possibly fill this out for me, that would be fantastic of you. <3 If you could e-mail the results to Jackie directly, that would be fantastic. ;_; Also, if you have any friends who cosplay and don't know me/can't see this, feel free to pass it on.

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Come on, guys. Academic research and Jackie's dignity are at stake here. \o/


I don't think there's any more obvious a sign that I'm procrastinating on my paper(s) than this.

I translated a song two songs. ¬_¬

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Shut up.


Anywaaaay, back to my paper. ._.